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I don’t “Like” you anymore….

On Facebook, “Travel Agents who Pitch are Ditched.”

The #1 piece of advice you probably get from your child, local tech or industry expert on Facebook Fan Pages has probably included being “transparent” and “engaging”.

They’re right, but what do you do beyond that?

If you haven’t noticed yet, all of the “experts” have a difference of opinion.  In fact “Social Media Experts” are starting to be comparable to “TV Weather Experts”; you don’t really have to be right, just be quirky.

Every company and their uncle are jumping onto Facebook to market their wares. It’s getting harder to find my Friends and Family’s updates in between the updates on Tim Horton’s and Dairy Queen update Ad’s.  So, I have started to “Unlike” companies that cross the line.

How do you stay on your Fan’s good side?

Be different,  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and remember the following:

1)  Customers are easily distracted, so stay focused on your goal.

2)  Unless you are a movie star, customers don’t need/want to see an update from you every 15 minutes.

3)  Is the message you are posting worth spreading or are you just creating noise which your clients will eventually tune out.

In fact it is important to understand that with Facebook’s programming, the more you post and the less the consumer interacts with that post, the less likely they will see your messages in their news feed. (Great info on that here).

Talk to your customers both offline and online and ask them what they want!  Chances are that it won’t be a group hug, but more likelymuch more self serving:

-  Insider deals and special offers

-  On-time problem resolution

-  The ability to buy right now ON Facebook, not a link to your webpage

Unfortunately most companies are not listening to their customers and are just posting information about the office gerbil and every useless piece of travel information known to man every 30 seconds.

So, coming very(very) soon is a inevitable Tsunami of consumers “unLiking” companies*

To be crystal clear on how you get yourself “unLiked”?

-  Post too Frequently

-  Is your page a wall of SPAM?

-  Boring and repetitive updates

-  Great initial offer, but you have no offers once they have clicked on “Like”

-  Not enough real deals

How do you know if you are guilty of the above list?

-  Your posts aren’t being shared or liked

-  No Comments

-  Low Fan count or Fans leaving

And remember to “engage” and be “transparent” by:

  1. Being an expert in your field, promoting your industry and  answering questions.
  2. Cross pollinate with suppliers and “Like” them too.
  3. Don’t forget why the vast majority of people are on Facebook!

Why do people come to Facebook? #1 is to connect with Friends and Family**, so Travel Agents need to use this to their advantage.

If you are actively engaging your Fans, a major focus should always be multigenerational, and groups market.

Article data from *2011 Exact Target Data & **IBM institute for business studies CRM Study 2011

5 Responses to “ I don’t “Like” you anymore…. ”

  1. Hear Hear Stuart! I was just having this conversation with a colleague; it’s about quality not quantity.
    What a lot of our customers do is post their newsletters and selected emails on FB. Gives people that missed the email what they want (relevant offers and articles), gets the agency more readers to that email, gets the agent new subscribers to the client list and for may of them, its just one less thing to post. Everyone wins! Oh, btw… did I mention we have an app for that? :>)

  2. Thank goodness it’s not just me! I DO NOT “LIKE”!!

  3. Thank you for your article I most certainly agree.

    I feel as if this situation with FB is a resurgent of the multiple fax ads that made their debut some years ago and then disappeared to be placed on FB.

    If their is some type of control then let us use the “l DO NOT LIKE” or “I DO LIKE” as we the ultimate
    FB participants see fit and go with the flow.

  4. Hi Marion,
    Love the comments – The best way to handle this for the non “McDonald’s & Tim Horton’s” mega companies on Facebook is to use the power of the system. Be selective with were you click “Like”, if you feel you are being Facebook SPAMMED by someone you have previously “Liked”, then use the “Unlike” button on their page (usually on the left side about halfway down).

    If you have your own Facebook page – watch your content, remember to watch your settings as thery can allow other advertisers (& competitors) to post to your page. I am amazed at some of the embarrasing ads that small companies haven’t caught being posted to their pages.


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